Chess Club


A hub for chess players of Mubarak Housing Society, Hyderabad.

The primary vision of the club is to act as a platform for players to sharpen their skills in the game, increase their critical thinking and to promote chess in the institute and beyond.


We welcome beginners as we teach the basics of the game, discuss strategies and openings.


The harder you practice, the luckier you get.
Join us as we play matches, analyze games and solve puzzles.


Showcase your practice and intelligence against the best as we conduct tournaments.


Join us for a memorable chess experience, test your skills against fellow enthusiasts, and vie for the title of champion! We look forward to hosting you and celebrating the timeless game of chess together

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Presenting exciting chess puzzles to solve.
Drag the pieces to solve!

Hall of fame

GM. Ali Raza Shah
GM. Sarim Khowaja
CM. Mehboob Shah
CM. Aaliya
CM. Aseel


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Office bearers

Ali Adil Khowaja
Asif Virani
Qasheeb Khowaja
Aftab Shah
Behzad Khowaja

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